Bob Farla’s Work in Full Spectrum Gallery


For January and February, Bob Farla has a selection of images in the Full Spectrum Gallery (located in the back of Foto Art).

Bob’s been a member of the Camera Club for over 5 years and has brought a unique and often unconventional viewpoint to the Club’s monthly themes.

An excellent eye for shape, texture, and form, he’s able to pull strong graphic images out of otherwise complex scenes as shown in this collection. Our local trails are filled with examples of trees interacting with their environments from which Bob has carefully isolated thought-provoking images and rendered them in strong black and white tones. Each photograph is titled to reflect the artist’s insight and it’s worth taking the time to consider how your own interpretations may line up with Bob’s intent.

It’s a beautiful and contemplative glimpse into how Bob sees our wilderness. Be sure to pay a visit!


Second Annual Aperture Photography Show, Nov. 1 – 30, 2017


The Second Annual Aperture Photography Show has opened at in the Legacy Gallery at Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op (942 2nd Avenue East, Owen Sound, ON). Running from November 1st to the 30th, there is an opening reception on Sunday November 5th from 2pm to 4pm where you have a chance to meet the artists.


A juried exhibition featuring the work of ten local photographers and four students, it features three of our regular Camera Club attendees – Lynn Reket, Cindie Fearnall, and Julian Delf. We’ve seen their work many times through the projector at club meetings, but the proof is in the print, and the proof is excellent!

Voting for the People’s Choice Award is open leading up to the reception, so be sure to drop in early!

Lynn Reket’s Work at Full Spectrum Gallery

Small Wonders

A new exhibit is up at the Full Spectrum Gallery (located in the back of Foto Art). During the months of May and June the Gallery features the work of long-time Camera Club member Lynn Reket. Titled “Small Wonders,” Lynn takes us on a tour of some of the amazing little things found in regular backyards.

Many gardeners view visiting insects with some suspicion, but Lynn views them as photographic opportunities. With a keen eye for wee scenes, you can almost sense her joy at finding a photogenic bug (or bud) and the welcome excuse it gives to drop the trowel and grab the camera.

Should you chase away that dragonfly that’s interfering with your wine or take a few minutes to appreciate its intricate form? Lynn gives us inspiration to take the latter path with any insect encounter, and has shown there’s a beauty in anything if you’re willing to look for it. And yes, this even applies to the slimiest of snails or freakishly alien-like jet-black parasitic wasps!

You can find more of Lynn’s work on her gallery page, Flickr, or her Note-ables by Lynn Facebook page. However, the proof is in the print, so head to the Full Spectrum Gallery to see the finished pieces!

Congratulations on a great display Lynn!

Julian’s Work at the Full Spectrum Gallery

Julian Delf
Julian Delf

The Full Spectrum Gallery, located at the back entrance of Foto Art, is a rotating display of the artwork of local photographers which has featured several of our Club members. From March until the end of April you can find the work of Julian Delf, who joined us last spring.

We have seen a few of Julian’s matted prints at the Club’s meetings, and it’s a great pleasure to browse his gallery and share his view of the world. He covers a range of subjects, but there is a feeling of cohesion in the execution – I never would have picked out the visual similarities between a “Pile of Kittens” and raging water until I saw them side by side!

“The Derelict Fisherman’s Hut”

With this year’s emphasis on printing, framing, and hanging, this is a great inspiration for any photographer. The small digital samples shared in this post will never do justice to the polished framed prints – be sure to head to the Full Spectrum Gallery and check it out!

Great work, Julian!

“Water To Ice”

Tom Jenks work at Goss Design Studio, Nov 21-29

©Tom Jenks The Goss Design Studio holds an annual show featuring the hand-made jewellery of Sandra Noble Goss and Andrew Goss, as well as the work of a guest artist. This year’s guest artist is our own Tom Jenks. A longtime contributor and member of the camera club, soon to be a past member with his upcoming move to slightly warmer parts (Guelph), most of us are familiar with his travels to Africa (twice) and the Antarctic through his presentations at the Camera Club and his displays at the Full Spectrum Gallery.

Earlier this fall, Tom added Northern Ontario to his travelling resume. His trip coincided with the schedule of the salmon spawning at the Nipigon River near Red Rock. Where there are hordes of salmon, there are eagles, and Tom seized the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds who came looking for an easy meal.

©Tom Jenks

Some of these eagles will be joining works from his past travels in what is sure to be another terrific display spanning three continents. From concept to camera to print to frame to wall, Tom’s shows are always a great representation of the complete photographic process, and an inspiration to any photographer. Be sure to check it out!


781 2nd Ave West, Owen Sound
Hours: Friday, November 21, 4 – 9 pm
Saturday, November 22 through Saturday, November 29, 10 am – 6 pm

Another New Member Gallery

Electric-MinotaurA recent addition to the club, Gem Webb has uploaded a gallery page featuring a great collection of images. He’s clearly not shy about getting his feet wet or wandering about with flashlights and camera gear after dark! Gem is a skilled computer guy (he’s joined our website team), so be sure to check out his creative ‘fantasy edits’.

Head to his gallery, browse his photos, read more about him, find out how to connect with him on other online platforms, and welcome him to the club!