Tom Jenks work at Goss Design Studio, Nov 21-29

©Tom Jenks The Goss Design Studio holds an annual show featuring the hand-made jewellery of Sandra Noble Goss and Andrew Goss, as well as the work of a guest artist. This year’s guest artist is our own Tom Jenks. A longtime contributor and member of the camera club, soon to be a past member with his upcoming move to slightly warmer parts (Guelph), most of us are familiar with his travels to Africa (twice) and the Antarctic through his presentations at the Camera Club and his displays at the Full Spectrum Gallery.

Earlier this fall, Tom added Northern Ontario to his travelling resume. His trip coincided with the schedule of the salmon spawning at the Nipigon River near Red Rock. Where there are hordes of salmon, there are eagles, and Tom seized the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds who came looking for an easy meal.

©Tom Jenks

Some of these eagles will be joining works from his past travels in what is sure to be another terrific display spanning three continents. From concept to camera to print to frame to wall, Tom’s shows are always a great representation of the complete photographic process, and an inspiration to any photographer. Be sure to check it out!


781 2nd Ave West, Owen Sound
Hours: Friday, November 21, 4 – 9 pm
Saturday, November 22 through Saturday, November 29, 10 am – 6 pm


Another New Member Gallery

Electric-MinotaurA recent addition to the club, Gem Webb has uploaded a gallery page featuring a great collection of images. He’s clearly not shy about getting his feet wet or wandering about with flashlights and camera gear after dark! Gem is a skilled computer guy (he’s joined our website team), so be sure to check out his creative ‘fantasy edits’.

Head to his gallery, browse his photos, read more about him, find out how to connect with him on other online platforms, and welcome him to the club!

Bob Dolphin’s Gallery Update

Have a peek at Bob Dolphin’s Gallery Page. With the look of the web evolving to a more flat, less cluttered look, I think as members send in photos to update their pages, I’ll leave the borders off the images to give things a simpler look. It’ll give more attention to the photos and less to the esthetics of the page itself. And of course, comments are always welcome on the Gallery Pages or anywhere on the site.


OSCC President and Webmaster

Cindie’s Work on Display

At the back entrance of Foto Art is the Full Spectrum Gallery, which features a rotating display of local photographers or camera clubs photos. Currently hanging for your viewing pleasure is club member Cindie Fearnall’s nature photography and some of her terrific pet portraits. Great skill coupled with the patience to use it on furry targets is evident in this work!

If you can’t make it to town don’t despair, you can find Cindie’s photographs online at or in the camera clubs Flickr group. Keep up the great work Cindie!