Julian’s Work at the Full Spectrum Gallery

Julian Delf
Julian Delf

The Full Spectrum Gallery, located at the back entrance of Foto Art, is a rotating display of the artwork of local photographers which has featured several of our Club members. From March until the end of April you can find the work of Julian Delf, who joined us last spring.

We have seen a few of Julian’s matted prints at the Club’s meetings, and it’s a great pleasure to browse his gallery and share his view of the world. He covers a range of subjects, but there is a feeling of cohesion in the execution – I never would have picked out the visual similarities between a “Pile of Kittens” and raging water until I saw them side by side!

“The Derelict Fisherman’s Hut”

With this year’s emphasis on printing, framing, and hanging, this is a great inspiration for any photographer. The small digital samples shared in this post will never do justice to the polished framed prints – be sure to head to the Full Spectrum Gallery and check it out!

Great work, Julian!

“Water To Ice”

Monthly Themes for the 2015/16 Season

We’ve had some great submissions for our monthly slideshow assignments so far!

To give members more time to build inspiration and get out with their cameras, the monthly themes were handed out at the start of the season. For convenience and electronic posterity, here they are again.

Month Assignment
October Unsuspecting Subject
November Odd Couples
December Panning
January Classic Still Life
February Up Close & Personal
March Winter Curves
April Wet
May Architecture
June Like a Painting

If you’re interested in seeing some of the club members past work, you can check out our Theme Videos (on YouTube), or visit our Flickr Pool, or stop by our Member’s Gallery.

Happy shooting!

Thanks Steve Irvine!

©Steve Irvine
For our March meeting, we were treated to a great talk by local potter and photographer, Steve Irvine. In a fine example of converging interests, he uses his skills as a potter to construct one-of-a-kind ceramic pinhole cameras that are both functional and very beautiful.

Pictured here are two of his pinhole camera creations and you can find many more on Steve’s website. Keep in mind they are all equipped with a pinhole and able to produce images with traditional analogue darkroom techniques using light sensitive paper as film – works of art creating works of art!

©Steve Irvine
Pinhole cameras provide a unique view of the world, and by browsing some of Steve’s images, you’ll get a feel for the creativity his own personal vision brings to his photos. His intuitive approach to pinhole photography is starkly contrasted by the highly technical skillset demanded by his interest in photographing the night sky.

Living up the peninsula, he’s in an area with low light pollution from city lamps and able to take advantage of the darkness with his astronomy know-how, camera skills, and flexible bedtime. Set aside a few hours to browse through his extensive gallery of astrophotography images, ranging from Aurora Borealis, star trails, solar phenomena, and much more.

It’s always a pleasure to be in the audience when he shares his world, and we were fortunate for this return visit. Thanks again to Steve for an inspirational talk as always!

The December Theme – Coffee

We had another great showing for out December Theme. Coffee, the world’s most popular beverage. This month we explore the members’ interpretation of the word “coffee”, with a little extra technical instruction thrown into the assignment. The idea was to shoot the two different photos at two very different apertures to see what effect aperture has on an image. The two images did not have to be the same, although some were, but just utilize two different aperture settings to suit the image or scene.

Here’s the video showcasing the photos.

Tom Jenks work at Goss Design Studio, Nov 21-29

©Tom Jenks The Goss Design Studio holds an annual show featuring the hand-made jewellery of Sandra Noble Goss and Andrew Goss, as well as the work of a guest artist. This year’s guest artist is our own Tom Jenks. A longtime contributor and member of the camera club, soon to be a past member with his upcoming move to slightly warmer parts (Guelph), most of us are familiar with his travels to Africa (twice) and the Antarctic through his presentations at the Camera Club and his displays at the Full Spectrum Gallery.

Earlier this fall, Tom added Northern Ontario to his travelling resume. His trip coincided with the schedule of the salmon spawning at the Nipigon River near Red Rock. Where there are hordes of salmon, there are eagles, and Tom seized the opportunity to photograph these majestic birds who came looking for an easy meal.

©Tom Jenks

Some of these eagles will be joining works from his past travels in what is sure to be another terrific display spanning three continents. From concept to camera to print to frame to wall, Tom’s shows are always a great representation of the complete photographic process, and an inspiration to any photographer. Be sure to check it out!


781 2nd Ave West, Owen Sound
Hours: Friday, November 21, 4 – 9 pm
Saturday, November 22 through Saturday, November 29, 10 am – 6 pm