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I bought my first digital Camera 1995 and it was a state of the Art “Casio QV10 Digital camera”. The resolution was just enough to get pictures the size of a passport photo. After a few years i bought a Kodak Easyshare DX4330 with a much bigger 3.1MP sensor. I donated this camera to a School in a third world country, so Kids could learn to take pictures without spending money on developing images.

Finally in the year 2009 I bought a Canon T2i with a zoom lens. Photography is a great Hobby for me because I can do it all year round, during my travel on my motorcycle or when I travel or do some sightseeing. Canada has so many beautiful spots I want to see and capture in a picture.

2010 I decided to join the Owen Sound Camera Club and found some great Friends with the same passion. 2013 i traded my T2i to a Canon 60D. I attended pretty much all of the workshops the Camera Club offered and every time I learn more about photography. Now I enjoy going out for a hike or ride my motorcycle and stop to take a photo to capture a moment of my life. Photography is a very relaxing, challenging, exciting Hobby and my walls are starting to fill with great moments of my life. Here are a few of my best pictures, so see for yourself and get inspired.

You can see more of my photos on my Flickr Page.


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