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My passions are many. I love being outdoors hiking, biking, camping, working in my garden and simply exploring. Another passion is spending time with our grandchildren especially when we explore the outdoors together. Visiting family gives me opportunities to travel east of Owen Sound all the way to Prince Edward Island. My husband shares another of my passions and that is photography. The camera is a wonderful way to bring all those passions together and to capture the special moments we have together. Photographs are important for me to keep the memories alive.

However, I do love to “play” with my camera, too. I have learned so much from being in the camera club and I have enjoyed the friendships that have emerged through activities in the club. I am still working on my own style of photography and consequently I try all kinds of themes and techniques to produce a unique but pleasing image. It stimulates my creativity.

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15 thoughts on “Lynn Reket


    Hello Lynn.

    I just viewed your above photos…..very nice.

    I met you this summer, in Owensound , near the market.

    Would you please notify me when the next meeting takes place, and what is required of me, in order to participate…. eg. what is the theme of the month?

    Have a good day, Thelma schroeder, Hanover.

    1. amaiya

      hi im at your school bayview amaiya i am vary sad that u left but i rilly like ur phertogerphey
      i realy miss u

  2. Hello Thelma,

    Our next meeting is tomorrow, September 9th, 2009 at 7 pm. Since it is our first meeting, there is no theme. We will share experiences from the summer so bring a few photos for the sharing table. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Come to the back entrance of Foto Art.


  3. Tuomo(Tom) Jantunen

    I am new to Owen Sound and am interested in meeting other photographers and to learn more about photography.
    I see your next gathering is Dec.02.
    What is a “where is it/what is it”?


  4. Ian Stewart

    I am interested in joining your group and plan on attending your next meeting. I am very keen on the workshop you’ve planned for May. Are there still openings?

  5. Lynn

    There are no more openings left for the Mik’sang workshop in May of this year. However, we do welcome new guests and members at our meetings. There will be other interesting workshops coming up. Plus, we hope to do a follow up to each workshop at our meetings. See you there!

  6. Hello Lynn:

    I really enjoyed the above gallery of your pictures. We met today at the Grotto, and you took my friend Lori, and my picture, sitting, enjoying lunch above the blue ice. Would you please e-mail me the two pictures. thanks, reggie

  7. Hello Lynn, I am looking forward to seeing my little boys picture, you have a wonderful eye, if I ever stop working long enough I would love to join this group, in fact I am going to suggest my brother in law email you he has the most amazing and truly funny pictures to add to this beautiful gallery. Happy pictures! Wanda

  8. Guy Demers

    Hi Lynn,
    Love your pictures and your enthusiasm . It was great talking with you and Bert recently. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge on photography.


  9. Tara Saab

    Hi Lynn
    We met yeaterday at the Maple Syrup festival at the Elk Farm – you took the great shots through the window of the suagr shack of my kids (Amalie and Evan) savouring the maple taffy. If you know of when/where they are published we would love to see them
    thanks Tara

  10. Kendra Wilts

    Hi there!!! Beautiful pictures!
    Me and my family met you at Indian falls on Sunday September 25th. I was wondering if you could email them to us as we would love to see them!

  11. Susan Campbell

    Dear Lynn: We met this past summer on a boat tour of Corner Brook Pond, Newfoundland! What a trip! You took several pictures of my son (Tony) and I on that boat, and I would love to see them if at all possible. Thank you, and I hope you had as much fun on your vacation as I did! (You sure looked like you were having fun!)

  12. Lynn Reket

    Hi Susan! I certainly do remember you and Tony. I am still going through some of the pictures we took of Nfld. You can check out some of the shots on flickr by accessing this site Go to my “Set” titled Gros Morne Park

    The ones of you and Tony I have kept private. Give me a week and I will email those to you. I hope the school year got off to a good start for you both! Lynn

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