Michelle Galbraith

Michelle G

Being the youngest and only girl in my family my mother used to dress me up and make me pose for many photos at a young age. As I grew I enjoyed being the center of my mother’s photos, even when she may not want me to be. As an adult I went from being in front of the lens to being behind the lens documenting my own family.

I had several point and shoot cameras as well as camera phones but it wasn’t until my mother gave me a precious gift that I really jumped in with both feet determined to really learn about photography. I lost my older brother in 1985. He was 8 years older than I and had a great love of photography, something we didn’t share at that time.

My mom kept his old camera and lens and decided to give them to me as a gift in 2013, 28 years after his passing. She obviously knew something I didn’t. This sparked my need to stop procrastinating and finally get down to learning this craft. I bought my first Canon Rebel T3 Sept. 28, 2013.

I joined the Owen Sound Camera Club not even a month later in Oct. 2013 and have been having a blast ever since. I have recently upgraded my camera to a Canon 60D and have been able to use adapters to use my brothers lens. Its a nice thought to share the same love of photography as my brother did, thanks mom, and bombard my family with photos. I try to expose myself to all types of photography but my favourite is landscape. Hope you enjoy my photos and keep shooting!

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