Randy O’Hara

I didn’t pick up the camera until much later in life, although I always was interested in photography. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.

When I joined the Owen Sound Camera club I never imagined myself being President. In my sixth year of being in the camera club my enjoyment has been watching others improve their photography.

However as I prepare to step down as President I once again can focus on my photography.

My first gallery on our web page is a series of photos that I manipulated into looking like paintings.  I have always been impressed with the Group of Sevens work, and wanted to do some similar work. I had the images exhibited at the Local Artist Co operative. I was able to sell one framed print and several smaller unframed prints.

I hope you enjoy the photos I have selected.

The gallery is called.

“Inspired by the Group of Seven”

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