Take a Picture With Your Pinhole Camera

Materials Needed:

-photo paper

-pinhole camera

-dark room that allows absolutely no light into the room except a safe light or red cellophane over the light


1 ) In a completely darkened room, pry off the lid of your camera.

2 ) Insert the photo paper between the weather stripping pieces inside the can so the paper does not move or slide.

3 ) Put the lid back onto the camera tightly.

4 ) Make sure the lens cover is held in place securely.

5 ) When all holes are well covered, take your camera outside.

6 ) Place the camera in front of the scene you want to capture. Roll the elastic down the side of the can to enable you to take the lens cap off. Leave the lens cap off for as long as you think you need to get a good exposure. The exposure time will vary with the size of the can and the kind of light you have.

7 ) Cover the pinhole with the lens cap when you think you are done and roll up the elastic to keep the lens cap tightly against the can.

8 ) Bring the can into a darkened room to remove the photo paper.

9 ) Follow instructions for developing the photo paper.

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