How To Develop Photo Paper

Materials needed:

– Tray of “Developer” chemical solution

– Tray of “Fix” chemical solution

– Tray of vinegar stop solution

– Tray of plain water rinse

– Paper towels

– Tongs for picking up the wet paper

– Safe light

– Completely darkened room

– Access to running water


1 ) Take the photo paper out of the can while inside a darkened room.

2 ) Put the photo paper in the tray of developer solution for at least 1 minute; maybe 1.5 minutes. Gently move the paper around in the solution so the whole surface of the paper gets wet. You should see the “picture” (negative) appear on the paper.

3 ) Pick up the exposed negative with the tongs and let most of the solution drip off the paper. Put the paper in the stop solution. Gently move the paper around for 15 seconds so as to cover the whole surface of the paper with the solution.

4 ) Pick up the negative with the tongs and let the paper drip dry a bit. Put it in the fix solution for 2 minutes minimum.

5 ) Pick up the negative and drip dry a bit again before putting the negative in the plain water rinse tray. Gently “wash” the negative for about 5 minutes. Change the water frequently between each negative being developed.

6 ) After the last rinse, hold the negative up and gently wipe off excess water from the negative and then lay it on the paper towel to dry for a minute or two.

7 ) Your negative is ready to bring out into the light.

8 ) Scan the negative on the computer and invert to get your positive print.


1 ) Developer solution – mix 1 part developer to 10 parts water.

2 ) Stop solution – mix 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water.

3 ) Fix solution – mix 50ml of fix to 450 ml of water.

4 ) Wash solution – just water that is changed frequently.

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